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The Conspiracy Theorist’s (Critical Thinker’s) Guide To Investing

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It goes without saying that politics is a nasty enterprise.

The political process generally involves politicians, largely controlled by special interest groups, conspiring with one another to harm the population.

Yes, you read that correctly. Conspiring.

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You see, politics is one large conspiracy. It usually involves elites hatching evil, harmful, or illegal plans developed in secret.

Groups from the World Economic Forum to the Council on Foreign Relations are notorious for serving as launchpads for globalist schemes.

Now some theories about these entities can be quite wacky but that does not take away from the fact that political elites have a tendency of getting together to craft all manner of nefarious projects.

Astute observers of politics have noticed that many of the major public policies that the chattering classes yammer on about have been openly discussed at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting and Bilderberg Meeting.

That’s how the political process operates in contemporary times. It has nothing to do with upholding the public good or democratic principles.

Our very own George Gammon reveals these uncomfortable truths about politics in a recent video he dropped on his YouTube channel.

Learn how the entire political process is one giant conspiracy to screw over the common man here.