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The Smart Way to Leverage Investment Research


“It’s been one of the most wild macro environments ever” – Lyn Alden

Lyn Alden offers a premium research service that comes out twice per month.

This service takes a deep dive into high-conviction investment opportunities that most people would otherwise miss.

One of the issues for some institutional traders during the last 18-mo or so has been keeping up with Lyn's trades. For some money managers, it has proven difficult to enter and exit trades.

Rebel Capitalist Pro

Normally, Lyn recommends buying and holding for 3-5 years or more. But in the last 18-months, her picks have been hitting her targets too fast.

The video above is a clip from a recent Rebel Capitalist Pro q&a that offers some advice on how to invest alongside Lyn Alden when using her research service during these volatile times.

Whether you are a seasoned subscriber of Lyn's work on still kicking tires. You'll find her advice useful. Plus she gives away some great stock picks which are still relevant today. So definitely watch the video above if you're looking to add a couple of well-researched gems to your portfolio.

Btw, some of the largest hedge funds on the planet invest in her work. So take notice.

What's Included In Lyn's Premium Service On Rebel Capitalist Pro

Rebel Capitalist Pro is a research subscription service that comes with several components including Lyn's service and is suitable for individual investors and asset managers with a long-term focus.

Each month, she keeps track of 30 countries, hundreds of stocks, and a variety of key commodities.

There are typically a select handful of ideas each month that really stick out as strong opportunities, which is what her research service focuses on:

  • Highest conviction investment ideas twice per month.
  • A high-level macro overview with each report.

Lyn's Macro Updates Will Keep Your Portfolio In The Green

Twice per month, investors will receive a macro update about the business cycle and key developments worth paying attention to.

Focuses will include the current state of the U.S. business cycle and notable areas of weakness or strength in international markets that may signal opportunity or caution.

High Conviction Stock Picks

In that twice-monthly article, you will also receive high-conviction stock ideas that include detailed breakdowns and analysis.

Some stocks will be on the conservative side of the spectrum while others will be more aggressive, but all of them will be of strong quality, meaning they have strong balance sheets and a wide-moat business model.

These stock picks offer the best potential risk/reward opportunities for long-term total returns. She defines long-term as 3-5 years or more.

Many of her investment ideas will be based in the United States, and some will be foreign.

They may be of any size, but mid-caps and companies on the smaller end of the large-cap spectrum are where she tends to focus the most.

Her goal in everything she does is to emphasize quality over quantity.

Rather than inundate you with frequent investment ideas, she will patiently focus on her highest-conviction ideas twice per month.

Plus, you’ll have access to all of the premium newsletter archives and live q&a's.

Access to Lyn's “Top Twelve” Updated Stock List

In addition to the detailed stock or ETF ideas twice per month, this research service maintains a regularly updated Top Twelve Stock List.

  • Four of the stocks will be conservative blue-chip picks.
  • Four of the stocks will be more aggressive, with higher return potential.
  • Four of the stocks will offer safe higher yields.

Real-Money Model Portfolios Also Included

The service includes real-money multi-asset model portfolios that many members find useful for investment ideas.

In addition to her free newsletter model portfolio, this premium research service includes three additional portfolio's:

  • Fortress Income Portfolio
  • ETF Portfolio
  • No Limits Portfolio

The Fortress Income Portfolio emphasizes solid income streams and solid diversification.

It consists primarily of dividend stocks, but also includes ETFs, CEFs, and some defensive elements for tactical rebalancing to offer some protection against bear markets.

Compared to her free newsletter portfolio, it’s a bit more defensive, straightforward, and higher-yielding.

The ETF Portfolio maximizes simplicity by focusing on ETFs only. It’s great for investors that want to focus on the big picture and skip individual stocks while still expressing Lyn's macro themes.

The No Limits Portfolio has a core of ETFs and several individual stocks to complement them. Unlike the other portfolios that stick exclusively to securities that are on major exchanges, the No Limits portfolio includes some over-the-counter securities.

Bonus: The Global Opportunities Investment Report

Each year, Lyn publishes a 100+ page PDF report that offers a high-level view of approximately 30 investable country markets. It shows the growth rates, stock index valuations, debt levels, currency fundamentals, and other metrics for each of those countries.

Updates on Lyn's Trades

All of Lyn's personal investments are disclosed in real-time in the members area of Rebel Capitalist Pro.

In addition, in each twice-monthly issue, she'll summarize what moves she's been making.

Every investor has a unique situation, so she doesn’t suggest following her moves, buy lists, or model portfolios blindly.

They may all be useful as examples, but you have to apply them to your unique personal financial situation and investment goals and do your own due diligence.

Lyn's free newsletter comes out every six weeks, and many investors contact her in between newsletters asking for updates.

This premium service provides updates three times as often (approximately every two weeks) so that investors can get more timely research.

Sometimes during extreme market volatility, Lyn will send out an extra report, between normal reports, to walk readers through what’s happening or to give advance notice of a top-level asset allocation change she is planning to make.

Lyn Alden's Investment Approach

It’s important to have an edge when it comes to investing. Retail investors are out-gunned by Wall Street firms that can employ countless people and have deep pockets for proprietary research, and yet most of those Wall Street firms still underperform anyway due to high fees and conflicts of interest.

Wall Street is saturated with what is known as “career risk”. Many decisions are made to preserve careers rather than maximize risk-adjusted returns.

Sell-side analysts have perverse incentives to be highly bullish for most stocks they cover and focus on quarterly and annual performance only.

Portfolio managers start losing clients and get in trouble with their bosses if they underperform for a couple of quarters.

Hardly anyone has the freedom to focus on long-term fundamentally driven outcomes, wherever they happen to be.

Investment management is mostly a sales business, with the majority of participants being forced to play checkers rather than able to play chess.

Rebel Capitalist Pro is a research service that's available for an affordable cost.

It focuses on a low-turnover and tax-efficient investment strategy with a pure emphasis on long-term returns. It stays away from that shorter-term noise.

In addition, many Wall Street funds are limited to a single niche, like U.S. stocks, or mid-cap stocks, for example.

If their niche happens to be overvalued across the board, well, they’re out of luck. If it’s the 2000 tech bubble and they happen to be a technology mutual fund, they still have to buy tech stocks.

In contrast, Lyn goes anywhere, finds bargains wherever they are, and tries to navigate around bubbles and look at unloved areas.

This helps avoid the problem of market efficiency because there are rather few “cross players,” meaning investors that are willing to put money in value stocks, growth stocks, emerging markets, developed foreign markets, or commodity producers, gold, or even Bitcoin, whenever there is a major opportunity somewhere.

Sometimes it’s a U.S. value stock that is stronger than people think, or it could be a reasonably priced powerhouse U.S. growth stock that has run into some short-term issues.

Maybe it’s a fundamentally strong but out-of-favor obscure Russian stock that nobody on Wall Street cares about, or maybe it’s a fast-growing Indian stock. It could be a large technology company or a small gold royalty company.

There’s hardly anyone out there doing this; moving capital to wherever value happens to be, with a long-term view and broad diversification for risk management.

It is value investing with a global macro overlay.

The Engineer’s Breakdown

Lyn's background comes from a blend of engineering and finance, as well as real-world management of a technical facility, so she approaches investments with an engineer’s mindset.

Engineers solve difficult problems by breaking them down into smaller pieces that are much easier to solve. They then solve those parts individually and fit them back into the greater whole.

If you’re designing an electrical circuit, for example, there is the power component, the processing component, the sensor component, and so forth.

Engineers will make the system as modular as possible so that they can focus on the requirements of each component, one at a time.

Similarly, if they are trying to figure out why an existing circuit is not working, they start by testing things one at a time to rule out the various components that are working, to narrow down the problem.

Investing is hard. Human nature works against you, and the competition is fierce.

So, Lyn applies an engineer’s approach to solving difficult market problems. She breaks the investment opportunities down layer by layer and puts them back into a conclusive whole.

Global Macro Layer – Starting with her global opportunities international report, she maintains a very high-level view of approximately 30 countries worldwide.

Where the debts are, which countries have massive currency reserves, who has the biggest trade deficits, which regions have the most attractive population growth, and so forth.

Business Cycle Layer – Next, Lyn monitors the business cycle in rate-of-change terms. She pays particular attention to the U.S. business cycle but also keeps an eye on other parts of the world.

Revenue Layer – When analyzing an individual company, the first step is to figure out what its top-line growth potential is based on conservative analysis.

Profitability Layer – After top-line growth is determined, a company has various margin changes it may experience or changes in the number of shares that can affect per-share returns.

Dividend Layer – Many of the stocks Lyn covers pay dividends, and they are an important part of long-term return calculations.

Valuation Layer – Lastly,  she determines what valuation changes to expect as a baseline for the company, which can add significant upside potential to an out-of-favor stock.

Investing Risks Clarified

This isn’t a “double your money in no time, guaranteed!” scammy service. Let’s be real. Investing comes with risk. Everything has risk, including cash.

One of the best defenses against risk is to have a globally diversified multi-asset portfolio.

She generally prefers keeping all of her positions (except broad ETFs) at 5% or less of her portfolio to minimize the risks associated with any one company.

Preferably, her aim is to have her portfolios experience lower volatility than the S&P 500, even if some individual investments may be volatile.

Each investment breakdown will include a description of major risks that could affect the company.

Think of each stock outcome as a probability bell curve. Some stock investments will work out roughly as expected, a few will likely work out way better, and a few might turn out poorly.

Rigorous screening methods can reduce problems, but there’s always the possibility of an outside event or truly rare occurrence.

Investing in a diversified set of stocks and/or ETFs reduces the overall risk of the portfolio.

In addition, stock prices are a lot more volatile than company fundamentals.

Although she tries to design portfolios to minimize volatility wherever possible, investors must be able to hang through volatile periods, especially for individual stocks.

That’s what makes a great value investor – to do your homework on a company, make a decision, and then be willing to ignore price fluctuations, as long as your investment thesis on the company’s fundamentals remains intact.

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