Uneducated Economist Explains America’s Supply Chain Crisis

Rebel Capitalist Show

America has a major supply chain crisis. While the Left is blaming it on capitalism and free markets, avid students of free-market economics know that the state is the main culprit in this case.

From the lockdowns implemented to allegedly fight COVID-19 to the enhanced unemployment benefits, America’s entire job market has been thoroughly rocked. On top of that, good shortages are beginning to pop up nationwide.

What used to be stuff that people thought was only the province of Third World countries is now becoming the norm throughout the US.

We are living in crazy times, but we should never lose sight of who are the real culprits behind our current chaos. It's the political class and their mouthpieces in the corporate press who constantly clamor for and implement government intervention in the economy.

The quicker we can identify what ails the American economy, the quicker we can fix our economic problems and build a more prosperous tomorrow.