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Uneducated Economist on The Housing Market, Crypto, & MORE – RCS Ep. 100

Rebel Capitalist Show

Interview With The Uneducated Economist

(Housing Deep Dive, Deflation Then Inflation, Crypto, Covid, and Gold)

Mr. Uneducated Economist is a self-taught Economist. He's a good YouTube buddy of mine and he's got one of the best Econ channels out there.

Even though he uses the term “uneducated” to describe himself, the truth is Mr. Uneducated Economist is very educated. You will see that as we progress with our interview.

Uneducated Economist RCS 100
Interview with the Uneducated Economist on Episode 100 of The Rebel Capitalist Show. Topics covered include Housing Deep Dive, Deflation Then Inflation, Crypto, Covid, and Gold.

This is not the first time I interviewed Mr. Uneducated Economist. If you will search on Google or Youtube, you will see in the search results that he was my guest for the very first episode of The Rebel Capitalist Show!

Click here for The Rebel Capitalist Show Episode 1.

He was also the guest for Episode 54.

Mr. Uneducated Economist learned from studying the Economy and never taken a class or gone to school for it. His passion for understanding the Economy and sharing what he knows on a street-level perspective comes naturally to him.

One thing I enjoy about talking to Mr. Economist is the Housing Market.

Specifically, because he works in the business on the side of the components of housing. And he sees it right there every single day. He has worked in the industry for several years.

Our conversation continues talking about topics like Deflation and Inflation, Crypto, Covid, and Gold.

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If you're interested in the Economy, this video is for YOU!

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