Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Are the rich farming the people with cheap interest rates?
  • The cure for high prices is high prices.
  • Covid is not the reason why the economy is going down.
  • How would the US Economy be different if the interest rates didn't go below 5%?
  • Are Interest rates going up?
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2 years ago

Super interesting thanks heaps George .Psychoanalysis shapes consumer culture what ever there consuming Edward Bernays was part of the invisible government in the USA after world war 1 Edward uncle was Sigmund Freud.Some people can see it some cannot .The people that stand away from the herd can see it the ones that are in the herd cannot for whatever reason .it also interesting you both had to fall before you both started asking the questions this happen to myself as well after 2009 . Many thanks Rachael