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What Jim Rogers Can Teach You About Crisis Investing

Rebel Capitalist Show

Many people flinch at the sight of a crisis. However, seasoned investors view crises as new opportunities.

Economic calamities allow for the financially savvy to buy otherwise promising assets on the cheap. Similarly, many several successful businesses are formed during economic downturns and similar times of economic malaise. 

Financial independence is never achieved in a straightforward manner. It’s usually realized through people stumbling a bit and failing every now and then. There’s no ideal environment for investment. The more one procrastinates, the less likely that they will reach their financial goals.

Greatness is not forged in comfortable environments. People reach this status when they’re put under pressure and are forced to adapt under sub-optimal circumstances.

A true rebel capitalist would never shy away from adversity. In fact, the present economic uncertainty is something that any serious investor would be taking advantage of to further secure their financial position. 

At the end of the day, nothing meaningful is accomplished in the comfort zone.