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Whitney Webb Full And Uncensored Interview

Rebel Capitalist Show

Some Show Notes

The World Economic Forum

The WEF is a group within a network of organizations that serve as ‘think tanks' for the world.

Other ‘think tanks' include:

  • The world Economic Forum
  • The council on Foreign Relations
  • Chatham House (UK)
  • The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

These are just a couple of think tanks out of many. They write policy. In the case of the World Economic Forum, more often than not, their policy somehow trickles down to become the policy of Governments around the world.

Who Runs The World Economic Forum?

The WEF is operated by a board of trustees which include the likes of:

  • The head of the IMF
  • Prominent central bankers
  • heads of corporations
  • former heads of state
  • Heads of big tech companies in Silicon Valley
  • Larry Fink of Black Rock
  • Klaus Schwab (created the WEF In the early 70s with a close association of The Club of Rome).

The Club of Rome is another think tank with close ties to the Rockefeller group. Their original paper, ‘the limits of growth‘ brought The Club of Rome to prominence due to its Malthusianisitic underpinnings.

On a side note, the World Economic Forum's first topic of discussion at the time of its incarnation was the Malthusian-centered paper, the limits of growth. What a way to kick off the party. Right?

The Limits Of Growth paper is the catalyst to today's climate change narrative.

The basic premise of this paper is that there are too many people on the planet and not enough resources. So it's paramount that growth is limited.

When you couple the limits of growth with today's energy supply destruction. It becomes clear that these people are not interested in Green Energy. They are interested in limited or no growth.

This also explains why they are dead set on leaving clean, zero-emission nuclear energy off the table. Nuclear is too abundant and affordable. Their trojan horse is unreliable renewable energy.

They are fully aware that renewables are incapable of sustaining today's energy demands and they don't care.

Remember, these people want to control the population.

The Private/Public Charade

The WEF is a phony mix of private and public sector participation. They even go as far as to label themselves as ‘the global promoter of public and private partnerships'.

Where the public sector works with the private sector on equal levels (supposedly). What this boils down to is the private sector driving public policy without the public realizing it. And of course, the politicians are put in place to sell the public on these policies.

Stakeholder Capitalism

Stakeholder capitalism is important to think about but the WEF has been using a new buzzword lately, ‘inclusive capitalism'.

There is actually a council on inclusive capitalism that's headed by the POPE (of all people) that contains many of the same leaders involved in the WEF.  Global elites with Malthusian ideologies.

All of these buzzwords are used interchangeably by these think tank groups. Build Back Better (UN), the Great Reset Agenda (WEF), The Great Transformation (Rockerfellers), etc all pretty much mean the same thing…

Make no mistake about it, these buzzwords are trojan horse propaganda tools used to reign in a new economic system where a few at the top control the majority at the bottom. \


This brief blog post gives you a slight sample of what Whitney and George talk about. We definitely recommend taking the time to watch this interview in its entirety. Click play on the video above to begin viewing.

About Whitney Web: Whitney Webb is a true investigative journalist for the anti-authoritarian movement who is well known for her thorough reporting on Jefferey Epstein, which will soon become a book. To learn more about Whitney, visit her website Unlimited Hangout.

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