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Will Energy Prices keep climbing in 2022?


Energy is the economy. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. The modern economy runs on oil and natural gas, so any disruption to the supply of these commodities or a price upswing could have massive economic repercussions at the global level.

Right now, we’re witnessing a nasty combination of green energy policies and a disruptive geopolitical event in the Russo-Ukrainian War that are causing mayhem for energy markets worldwide. 

On top of that, many Western government are sanctioning or outright embargoing Russia oil and natural gas — a move that’s causing further disruption in the energy markets. 

With these factors in mind, one can expect energy prices to go through the roof. As a result of these price increases, the working class across the collective West is going to take a massive beating. 

For the first time in a while, many people in developed western countries will experience wholesale reductions in their living standards. Contrary to popular belief, none of the current economic developments are happening by mere coincidence. It’s public policy that’s causing the current economic stability.

Specifically, big government policies that prevent market actors from operating freely and stabilize the economy. Always remember this: When the government gets involved in the economy, bad things quickly follow.