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Younger Generations Financially Doomed? Thank The Federal Reserve!


Federal Reserve Dooms Future Generations

Since the late 1980s, the Federal Reserve has tried to kick the economic can down the road by inflating bubble after bubble.

Unfortunately, the younger generations suffer disproportionately.

Corporations don’t invest in growing their businesses for the future.

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But the issue doesn't start with the corporations making short term decisions, it starts with the Federal Reserve creating an environment that incentivizes buybacks over-investing in their actual business.

The unintended consequences of the Federal Reserve's attempt to continually inflate asset bubbles is limitless but we know it will distort the economy long term.

This, unfortunately, will mean fewer opportunities and higher taxes for the younger generations.

If you're interested in the future of the economy THIS IS FOR YOU!

In this Federal Reserve video, I discuss the following:

1. How the boom/bust cycle is exacerbated by the Federal Reserve.

2. How the Federal Reserve prices younger generations out of the market. 3. How inflation, the hidden tax, will crush the younger generation without them knowing.

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