Yaron Brook reveals incredible insights YOU NEED TO KNOW if you value free-market capitalism and personal liberty. We address several crucial topics applicable to the insanity of current events, and more importantly what the future holds. Will we choose freedom or tyranny?

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Quentin Lewis
Quentin Lewis
2 years ago

My big problem with the way Ayn Rand’s philosophy is described is when it is boiled down so simply to “making yourself happy” as Mr. Brooks seems to do, then it leaves open the possibility of using force, coercion and/or cheating of others to get ahead and make yourself happy. This is why I like the libertarian ideal of the Non-aggression Principal (NAP) where you are not allowed to do harm to others. Ayn Rand goes very far, but IMHO, misses a key element.

Thomas Felice
Thomas Felice
2 years ago

Yaron Brooks is quick to state the constitution says we should have the “pursuit of happiness”, but he leaves out “provide for the COMMON defense” and “promote the GENERAL welfare.” Your tickler to ask do we want Freedom or Tyranny misses the point because it is not a binary choice. We can have a whole shitload of Freedom with some fair regulations. Ayn Rand began her delusion of the superman when she was just an early teen, seeing drawing of an aristocratic looking man with sharp anglo features neat combed over hair, high tight boots, johdpurs and a tucked in… Read more »