Are Financial Insiders Preparing for an Economic Calamity?


One major theme of modern-day American politics is how expert consensus is frequently wrong. 

Most Americans have been conditioned to religiously follow the wisdom of self-proclaimed “experts.” Whether its medicine or politics, these enlightened minds market themselves as all-knowing individuals who can take society to new heights.

This managerial class views itself as infallible. Anyone who dares question it, is branded as a reaction, racist, or backwards. 

However, when a real crisis hits, these pundits get exposed for what they are: Empty suits.

The constant use of credentialization and the blind trust of society’s managers creates an environment where no one questions society’s prevailing narrative. It breeds a sense of conformity among the populace, which allows mediocre minds to lord over them. 

This has been the norm in industrialized societies for the past century. However, new innovations such as alternative media, which the Internet helped foster, has allowed for a new elite to emerge. This elite is one that is willing to question the status quo, do the hard work, point out the flaws in the system, and provide an alternative to our present order. 

What America needs is a new class of individuals who embody meritocratic principles and are willing to buck the status quo. It’s those on the fringes, who risk it all by asking tough questions and challenging authorities, that change society for the better. 

The more uncomfortable questions we ask and the more we challenge conventional wisdom, the better off we’ll be as a society.