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Why The Present Geopolitical Crisis is a Great Opportunity for Investors

Rebel Capitalist Show

A new world order is upon us.

And no, it’s not the one Western globalists originally envisioned when the Cold War ended. 

China and Russia have emerged as near peer competitors to the United States-dominated order. By threatening it with sanctions due to its refusal to sanction Russia, the US has pushed India closer to China and Russia.The amusing part about all of this is how US foreign policy wonks expect to have India on their side in a future conflict with China as the US pivots to Asia. 

DC’s arrogance has blinded it to the fact that countries have their own national interests that don’t always jive well with the desires of Western powers. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But for the fanatics governing the West, that’s a bridge too far. The thing is many of these people still believe we live in a unipolar moment where the West, especially the US, completely dominates all world affairs. 

This may have been the case during the 1990s, but that has fully changed in the 2010s with the emergence of the aforementioned Eurasian powers. It’s one of the biggest shifts in modern geopolitics. For many people accustomed to unipolarity, they can’t grasp the very concept of a multipolar world.

The thing about reality is that it doesn’t care about people’s feelings or outdated assumptions. Those who don’t adjust to it, get swept to the side.

From the looks of it, American leaders have not come to grips with the new landscape that’s in front of them. This does not augur well for the US’s fate on the world stage throughout the rest of the 21st century.