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Are Global Elites Trying to Destroy the Modern Car Experience?

Rebel Capitalist Show

Cars represent one of the last vestiges of freedom in America. The ability to transport oneself wherever you want, whenever you want is the epitome of freedom. In addition, car ownership offers a sense of privacy that public transportation cannot bring.

For that reason, elites want to micromanage this activity as much as possible by imposing draconian emission standards, making it near impossible to drive in major cities, and introducing uneconomical electric car alternatives. 

Many of the globalist elites ultimately want to get rid of car ownership in order to realize their Agenda 21 vision of packing people into “smart cities” and have them rely on public transportation. In such environments, people will be treated like easy to control cattle that are easy to control.

The assault on car ownership, and its broader micromanagement, represents just another front of the elites’ war against personal freedom. This is just another reminder that control freak politicians and bureaucrats view all facets of human life as targets for micromanagement.