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Is the Federal Reserve Trying to Engineer a Stock Market Collapse?


The Federal Reserve is a vehicle for economic chaos.

Contrary to what its apologists say. The Fed’s existence allows for all sorts of economic craziness to go down.

As a government-authorized central bank monopoly, the Fed has the power to manipulate interest rates in a way that does not comport with market standards. As a result, it sends distorted signals to market actors, which in turn, makes them take economically irrational actions. This ultimately leads to economic collapses and other upheavals. 

The Fed is the principal driver of this chaos. However, most people don’t understand this and prefer to blame “greedy capitalists”, “greedy speculators”, “systemic racism”, and other phantoms for the economic chaos that the Fed actually created. Elites like this because it obfuscates who is the primary culprit behind this economic insanity. 

If Americans are serious about bringing economic stability to their country, they would be identifying the correct root causes of their economic plight. It all starts and ends with the Federal Reserve.