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Are Oil Prices About to Go Through the Roof?

Rebel Capitalist Show

To say that we’ve reached a geopolitical turning point would be an understatement. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has shocked the world.

With everyone speculating what Russia’s endgame — neutralization of Ukraine or annexation — in Ukraine is, the West is already moving at breakneck speed to sanction Russia and diplomatically isolate it. One of the immediate results of the economic disconnection of Russia is surging oil and natural gas prices. 

Due to boneheaded green policies, most of the West is at the mercy of Russia and must now put up with surging prices at the pump. Such a scenario is completely avoidable. If Western ruling classes allowed for more natural gas and oil production, it would not find itself in this type of geoeconomic prediction. 

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The embrace of heavy-handed regulations not only has generated mundane costs that make people’s lives miserable, but also puts countries in dangerous positions. Militarily muscular countries like Russia can exploit its natural gas advantage to make beaucoup bucks to fund its war machine. Many countries in Europe have knee-capped themselves by going green, thus putting them in an awkward spot where Russia can use energy blackmail when a crisis hits.

If countries are serious about challenging tyranny abroad, they need to maximize freedom at home. One way they can do so is by becoming energy independent through deregulation.