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Is it Worth Investing in Countries like Russia?

Rebel Capitalist Show

Everyone’s heads are spinning after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The geopolitical landscape has undoubtedly changed with Russia demonstrating that it is willing to use hard power to advance its geopolitical objectives. The unipolar moment is over, folks!

Russia’s bold move has been met with enormous pushback from western countries who have slapped tons of sanctions on Russia and are effectively disconnecting it from the rest of the West’s economic architecture.

Most mainstream pundits are predicting an economic collapse for Russia in the near future, which could potentially lead to regime change in Moscow.

However, there are contrarian voices who argue that Russia’s future might not be so bleak. For one, China, America’s biggest economic rival, has offered to economically assist Russia and further incorporate it in its economic networks. 

Because of the new multipolar world we live in, the West can no longer bully countries at will like it did in the past. Countries that run afoul of the West’s standards can now turn to the emerging Eurasian economic axis that is more than willing to extend economic assistance and integrate countries into their budding economic ecosystem.

The world is indeed changing and some people have not adjusted to this reality.