what sectors are cheap right now?

A pretty common question amongst Rebel Capitalist Pro members is, “what sectors are cheap right now and where do I invest my money?”

It's a great question. However, it can sometimes miss the forest for the trees.

Chris MacIntosh, a money manager for Glenorchy Capital and one of our resident Rebel Capitalist Pro's, feels there is a more important question you should be asking yourself…

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…for example, how are you weighted inside your portfolio?

There is more to a good performing portfolio than just timing markets and finding hot sectors to invest in.

Perhaps it's time for a quick gut check. Do you have an investment portfolio?

If so, have you been religiously following the trends and making the proper adjustments needed to capitalize on big government and central bank mistakes? Or have you been sitting on ticking time bombs looking for hot new sectors to add to the mix?

Maybe you are sitting on nothing at all and need help building a portfolio that will thrive during a fourth-turning filled with massive deficit spending, inflation, deflation, and stagflation?

For example, if you are a Rebel Capitalist Pro member, then you already know what sectors to be involved in.

And if you are following Lyn and Chris, then you should already know what stocks inside those sectors you should be paying attention to.

If you haven't made it this far, then you have some studying to do.

Two Hot Sectors Worth Looking Into For 2021 – 2022

If you're not a Rebel Capitalist Pro Member, then here's a tip. Take a look at shipping and agriculture. These two sectors are likely poised for growth during these crazy, fourth-turning times. 

Each sector is going to have some winners and losers, so it's up to you to dive into each sector and figure out what to invest in, or you could sign up to Rebel Capitalist Pro and get Lyn and Chris's picks.

Chris MacIntosh, George Gammon, and Lyn Alden teach Rebel Capitalist Pro members how to self-manage their investments. They provide education, live q&a, premium macro research, and portfolio allocations.

The fourth turning doesn't have to be a Debbie Downer when you have Rebel Capitalist Pro to guide you through it.

Click here to visit the Rebel Capitalist Pro sales page and try out 1 full week for only $1, then pay $57 -$97 per month and you can self cancel anytime.

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Scott giaramita
Scott giaramita
2 years ago

can”t get through this Vimeo

2 years ago

sounds very compicated

Gene Morris
Gene Morris
2 years ago
Reply to  cbeatty

Baby steps. Take your time and continue to learn from Lyn and Chris, and you will do just fine.

2 years ago
Reply to  Gene Morris

Take our time. How much time is there, lol, before a meltdown? Lynette Zang, and others, have said that everything can melt down at any time. Any guesses? Shall I plan panic into the To Do Today list — or the To Do This Week list —-or the To Do next month list —– or . . . you get the picture. 🙂
But seriously. How much prepper time are you assuming we have, and WHY?

2 years ago

God Almighty! lol! SUBTITLES, please! CAPTIONS, pleeease!!
I’m sure what he said was towtlee dope. But how’d I know?
Melodic but incomprehensible accnet. (Maybe it’s just my speakers? lol?)