What Are The Best Green Energy Stocks to Invest In


How To Invest In The Green Energy Movement

Green Energy is a new trend primarily being pushed by big governments in the West. If your government tows the Great Reset Agenda party line, then expect massive deficit spending to fund a not-so-efficient green energy movement.

Regardless of how unsuccessful the Green Energy push maybe by central planners, there is still a ton of money that can be made in Energy.

For one, true energy producers will continue propping up real energy demand, globally. Think Coal and oil.

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The folly of green energy is that it requires oil and other commodities to exist. So expect energy to do well across the board over the next decade.

Lyn Alden sees green energy stocks as too expensive. Or at least the quality companies are too expensive.

Some of the brighter shining stars in the green energy mix, like Nextera Energy, have a small dividend yield which makes them unappealing with a respect to investing.

The Best Green Energy Stocks

The best green energy stocks will not be green energy stocks, but stocks that produce commodities that are needed by the green energy sector.

Silver, Gold, Copper, Tin, Uranium, metallurgical steel, and yes, even oil producers should benefit from the green energy movement.

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