Billionaire Reveals Sobering Insights Into America’s Dystopian Future

Druckenmiller Reveals Sobering Insights Into America's Dystopian Future as he discussed the topic in three simple steps; (1) shocking data, (2) Capitalism is dead, and (3) Connecting the dots. Watch the video and learn more.

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Increase of Unemployment, Personal Income, Fed's Balance Sheet and Corporation Debt during the rise of Coronavirus
  • Actual Numbers in Increase of the following; Unemployment, Personal Income, Fed's Balance Sheet, and Corporation Debts.
  • What are Stimmy Checks?
  • How did personal incomes actually go up when there is an increase in unemployment?
  • What happens when there is no correct price signal?
  • Free Market Capitalism vs Central Planned Crony Capitalism.
  • Economic Challenges in a Specific Group
  • Why policies have never worked?
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