Greg Mannarino (Dow 6,000 Or Dow 60,000? Fed, Interest Rates, Gold, Bitcoin, Dollar, Inflation)

“In my view, they want more control, they’ve been floating this idea out for a very very long time. Let’s say the benchmark or 10-year yield, play with it a little bit. Let’s see how if they can keep it sable and they seem to have done that now, today it is a little bit higher. Where’s the danger zone? It looks like it’s somewhere around 1.5 or somewhere. The market did not like that we also obviously as you know need to keep our eye on the dollar, crude oil is a player here. With regard to where the 10-year yields are going? Well, I believe sincerely they want to keep it suppressed they want to control the entire yield curve. They don’t just want to target a part of it. They want full control and now we’re hearing about a new version of operation twist.” This is Greg Mannarino’s answer when asked about his take on the 10-year yield. This is another must-watch video, click the link below and be educated on Today’s Bond Yield, Acquiring Assets, and Learn from the advice from the expert himself.

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Bond Yields
  • DOW 6,000
  • Relationship of Dollar and the 10-year yield
  • Is Real Estate Hard Asset?
  • Gamestop
  • Advice on trading
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7 days ago

Love this! 👍