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My Real Estate Agent, Christina Brown, on The REBEL CAPITALIST SHOW Ep. 004!

Rebel Capitalist Show

Christina Brown and I are going to dive deeper into the market of real estate in Kansas City!!

👉THIS SHOW IS GOING TO HELP YOU 👈 find out more about Investing, Entrepreneurship, Macro, AND Personal Freedom.

In the episode this week, I got to interview Kansas City's best real estate agent, Christina Brown. She has assisted me in buying and selling countless properties and we are going to examine today the areas that I personally invest in. And by following my lead, we will also show how YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE MONEY.

We will talk about several topics that are going to help YOU become more familiar about investing better in real estate, particularly what creates a linear market that is “good” as well as why I have invested in Kansas City so much.

If you are keen on real estate or making excellent investments this episode is definitely for you!!