Deutsche Bank Explained: Are They The Repo Bailout? (MUST SEE)


understand easily why Deutsche Bank is in so much trouble.

We all know Deutsche bank has lost billions this year and are in the process of laying off 18,000 employees, but because Deutsche Banks business model is so tough to figure out and because the majority of the bank's value comes from its derivatives book (48 trillion euros!) very few people understand the details as to why Deutsche Bank is in trouble.

And why Deutsche Bank could be on the receiving end of the repo market bailout.

If you have an interest in the future of the world economy or the repo market, THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU!!

Deutsche Bank, the bank everyone loves to hate because of its seemingly complex derivatives book, is the most popular choice of the repo market bailout award. But is this skepticism of Deutsche Bank justified?

The short answer is YES, but the goal of this video is to untangle the Deutsche Bank web, in a way that super easy to understand, so you can be a more informed viewer of markets. When people hear the derivatives of the word, it strikes fear in them.

Like there's no way that they can possibly understand derivatives because they just lack the mental capacity.


In reality, derivatives aren't that complex, if someone just explains them simply without all the esoteric jargon.

That's exactly what I do for you in this video. While at the same time using our understanding to connect the dots to this Deutsche Bank financial puzzle so we can answer the questions we all have for our selves!

In this Deutsche Bank video I discuss the following:

1. What are the credit default swaps and interest rate swaps?

2. What does Deutsche Banks' derivatives book actually look like and what clues can we discover from analyzing it?

3. Connect all the Deutsche Bank dots to determine if they're busy and if they're the recipient of the repo market bailouts!

Click the video above to learn more!

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