Brent Johnson: Expert Reveals Shocking Predictions! (Gold, Inflation, USD, Stocks)

Investing Macro

Brent Johnson, investing legend, shares incredible insights 👉YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS! 👈

Brent Johnson has a huge following, and for good reason. He's one of the sharpest minds in finance and macro today.

Brent Johnson is also featured consistently on Macro Voices AND Real Vision. The Brent Johnson “dollar milkshake” theory is very well known and I had the pleasure of interviewing him to get his opinion on several things including stocks, bonds, inflation, dollar, and gold.

Brent Johnson is the CEO of Santiago Capital. And he believes the US dollar will eventually go into a bubble, if not a hyper bubble.

This may not seem like a bad thing until you think it through and realize a dollar bubble most likely would collapse the worldwide monetary system.

Brent Johnson articulates the bull case for the argument as well as anyone and hearing a well-researched counterbalance to the dollar going straight down, HELPS YOU make better financial decisions.

Regardless of what you think about gold, inflation, deflation, the stock market, or the dollar, THIS VIDEO IS A MUST SEE!

In this Brent Johnson video, I discuss the following:

  1. I explain Brent Johnson's dollar milkshake theory in a super easy to understand way.
  2. I explain Brent Johnson's idea of inflation going up while the dollar goes up?!?!
  3. I explain Brent Johnson's end game. What happens to gold and the dollar??

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