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Chris Irons Interview on Social Unrest, Central Planning Insanity, & MORE! – RCS Ep. 84

Rebel Capitalist Show

It gives me a great deal of pleasure to welcome someone back to The Rebel Capitalist Show! He is a great buddy of mine that I've really been looking forward to speaking with. He needs no introduction. His name is Chris Irons!

Chris Irons is the Host of the QTR (Quoth The Raven) Podcast which is one of my favorites. He reveals his INSIGHTS on Riots, Politicians, Liberty, and much much more!

Social Unrest

In this episode of The Rebel Capitalist Show, Chris and I discuss what's going on with the riots, with the looting, and the Chaz Zone in Seattle.

Chris Irons starts talking about the Social Unrest on the Chaz Zone or the Autonomous Zone.

“They disbanded that. They wound up disbanding that section of the city about a day after the protesters showed up at the Seattle Mayor's house.

So in true liberal hypocrisy form, while the people were in the middle of Seattle turning the City into a Shanty Town and cesspool…

There was no love and no regard for the Businesses in the section of Town!

There were no regard people that owned property in that section of town or the people that lived there and had to walk through that place every day to get to their homes.”

Chris continued, “The Mayor had this very laissez-faire attitude.”

As we continue the interview, we also talk about the lack of ethics and the importance of the role of the President and Vice President of this country.

Chris Irons adds that it is not just a lack of ethics. It is also about the lack of backbone.

If you're interested in Personal Freedom and the Future of the US economy, this is a MUST-WATCH episode of the Rebel Capitalist Show!

Watch the video above for the complete interview with Chris Irons!

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