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Rebel Capitalist Q&A August 16, 2020 With Hugh Hendry!


We had another fantastic Live Q&A today! We're seeing an uptick in questions related to macro, investing, real estate, and even personal freedom, which is absolutely great.

You really need to stay ahead of what is going on out there!

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If you are strapped for time, then click PLAY on the video above, and fast forward to the question you are interested in using the timestamps we provided below.

Macro Questions

  1. [14min02sec] What do you attribute the sudden spike in Treasury rates over the past week and in early June?
  2. [20min19sec] Considering a Euro crisis, what do you think will happen to current countries like Poland and Hungary that have their own currencies and central banks but gravitate towards the Euro economy?
  3. [24min24sec] What is wrong with Japanification? Stocks and Real Estate are flat but people are employed. Currency exists. The pension system still works after 20+ years since the bubble. Life goes on.
  4. [41min48sec] Do we retest the March lows? Will a wave of defaults lead to a similar crash in Q3 and Q4 and force a second stimulus of the same or greater magnitude?

Investing Questions

  1. [1min36sec] I understand the function Gold plays in a portfolio but do you ever see the day when Gold and Silver become the main portion of your portfolio?
  2. [6min24sec] What's your end game for Gold? What thesis might play out where you would take profit on physical Gold?
  3. [55min07sec] Hugh, what is your thought on buying Russian Treasury Bonds or the equivalent? And how does one go about foreign government bonds?
  4. [59min46sec] Warren Buffett just bought a bunch of Barrick Gold. What are your thoughts on that? Is that meaningless or is that some sort of signal we should pay attention to?
  5. [1hr02min09sec] We might see the sell of Gold a little bit differently and that's fine. But what would get you to sell Gold? Do you look at the charts or do you look at Psychology? What I mean is what would make you go from being bullish Gold that would make you say, “Okay, it's run-up way too much. I'm now a seller instead of a buyer.”

Real Estate Questions

  1. [17min58sec] I currently have two investment properties with lots of equity and will be selling this year. Any advice on how I can reduce capital gains?
  2. [18min51sec] George, could you indicate to me a good Real Estate Agency and good Property Manager in Medellin? I would like to invest in a small rental for the first time in my life.

Personal Freedom Questions

  1. [3min42sec] If there will be hyperinflation, we can thrive by buying Gold and Silver. But if there will be a Great Depression, how do we thrive?
  2. [30min59sec] If you have a large position in cash, is now the time to consider buying high especially with a potential digital dollar on the way to fuel future inflation?

Miscellaneous Questions

  1. [36min18sec] Hugh, why would more social unrest or people becoming more tribal with the masks and the story that you just told about your experience, why would that take us closer to inflation?
  2. [47min18sec] What do you think about if Biden wins and an increase in corporate taxes, does that feed down into the valuation, the PE ratios, and therefore the market or that kind, it doesn't matter if there's so much liquidity? It goes back to liquidity question.
  3. [1hr14min05sec] As an Entrepreneur, I always thought the more regulations that are out there, the harder it was for me to do business. And if what you're talking about, hopefully, normal spirits, have to increase for the command side of the equation to increase, meaning the appetite for the additional loans, the money supply, and get that velocity then. If that's being hampered by additional regulation and ever-increasing amount of regulation, does that play into those animal spirits that have enough of an effect on the animal spirit to where it could reduce, keep their expectations in place?

If you have a question that you'd like George to ask directly, then tune into the:
Live Q&A every Sunday at 12 pm EST on the George Gammon youtube channel.