Lynette Zang on Why Own Silver, Great Reset, and Many MORE!! – RCS Ep. 83

Rebel Capitalist Show

Lynette Zang reveals INCREDIBLE INSIGHTS about precious metals, central banks, and inflation. She also discusses QE INFINITY and many more!

Today, I tap into Lynette Zang's amazing market experience that dates back to the 1960s!

We take a deep dive into her outlook for the future of BAILOUTS, money printing, hyperinflation, and markets. We also talk about Gold, Silver, and everything YOU WANT TO KNOW.

Lynette Zang is the Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading since 2002.

All of these in this episode of The Rebel Capitalist Show! The Show that helps YOU learn more about Macro, Investing, Entrepreneurship, AND Personal Freedom.

If you're interested in Investing, Personal Freedom, and the Future of the Economy, this is a MUST-WATCH video!

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