Pandemic Investing Tips Part 2

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Marc Maximilien Authier
Marc Maximilien Authier
3 years ago

You buy them when they are cheap. And then the banksters which are truly financial terrorists, make them even cheaper and destroy the price discovery mecanism. Want some examples of their total criminality ? The bond market. The credit markets and finally silver and gold. Return on capital ? That is a funny one. The markets do not exist. They are a crooked casino.

Marc Maximilien Authier
Marc Maximilien Authier
3 years ago

Its not a pandemic by the way. Mortality rates are merely 0,004%. The Black Plague which was a real pandemic killed 33% of Europe. Its truly desinformation to call this joke, truly a conspiracy by the FED and the central banksters to give themselves 33 trillion dollars in bailouts, while they destroy the working poor and small medium business. It is truly a PLANDEMIC for the fools. I just wonder what crap they will be putting in the vaccines. RV 40 cancer virus or provera sterilant or anti HCG. It goes beyond economics. It is truly confronting evil. Just follow… Read more »