Chris MacIntosh (Pandemic Investing Tips) Ep. 29

Rebel Capitalist Show

Pandemic Investing Tips

The world is facing a global pandemic, central banks are printing trillions of dollars, governments are spending money on everything from MMT to BAILOUTS.

We are literally facing unprecedented times in the economy, in financial markets, and as a society.


Chris Macintosh provides us with some very important pandemic investing tips and answers to those questions and more on this episode of The Rebel Capitalist Show.

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Why do I recommend Chris's Newsletter?

I personally read Chris's research for several reasons. First, to be financially successful in life you have to find the most talented people and leverage their skill set to make you money.

I don't know of anyone who is more talented at finding actionable investment ideas than Chris.

Second, Chris and I have a very similar world view and strategy for building wealth, his research revolves around my core philosophy, buy things when they're cheap with the intention of holding long term. We both prioritize probabilities, asymmetry, and value.

‚ÄčLastly, I trust Chris, plain and simple. I've spoken with him at great length and he's a no-nonsense straight shooter, zero BS.

Exactly the type of person you want on your personal investment team.

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