YES, Coronavirus Could Trigger An Economic Collapse. (Here’s Why)

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Could The Coronavirus Trigger Economic Collapse?

The coronavirus is the newest potential black swan event of 2020. An already fragile economy could come crashing down if the coronavirus gets out of hand so you need to understand all the systemic risks involved.

Now is the time to be prepared for any type of black swan event, especially a potential pandemic like the coronavirus.

Would we see inflation? Deflation? Interest rates go negative? QE4? Gold and silver skyrocket, or an outright economic collapse?

If you're interested in the future of the global economy then this is for you!

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In this coronavirus video, I'll discuss the following:

  1. The current black swan's systemic risks in the system.
  2. How the coronavirus plays into the big picture.
  3. How there could be contagion risk in the repo market from the coronavirus fear.