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How Gold Standard Saves the World

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Mention the gold standard and most people will laugh, but these people haven't studied history.

The classic gold standard we had in the US from approximately 1870-1913 yielded the greatest boom time in US history.

In fact, the gold standard, in and of itself, isn't that important. It's having a way to limit the growth of a nation's currency.

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Whether this is done through a gold standard, bitcoin standard, or whichever standard, it doesn't matter.

With a fixed type of currency, the magic of the free market can take control and produce more and more goods and services at continually cheaper prices.

When the data is reviewed, it becomes obvious, a gold standard, limited money supply, and healthy deflation create the ideal economic conditions for growth by all participants in society.

Wondering about deflation, inflation, the price of gold, and economic collapse, dollar collapse OR If you have an interest in the future of the economy THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU!

The gold standard is revered by some and loathed by others.

People who like big government and intervention hate the gold standard and those who prefer a limited government loves the gold standard.

As prudent investors, we need to be prepared for whatever macroeconomic outcome presents itself whether, hyperinflation, a dollar crisis, a stock market crash or a blow-up in the bond market!

In this gold standard saves the world video I answer these NEED-TO-KNOW questions:

  • What has the performance of the economy been under a gold standard?
  • What economic problems would be solved by a gold standard?
  • What would the end game look like if we transitioned or were forced into a gold standard or any fixed currency supply system?

To see how gold could reach 50,000 – $100,000 watch this video.

But first, make sure you watch the video above!