Deutsche Bank Suffers Catastrophic Loss! Will They GO BUST? (Answered)


is a Deutsche Bank bankruptcy coming?

Deutsche bank lost a staggering 5.7 Billion euros last year and in this video, we analyze the shocking loss and determine if there's a good probability Deutsche Bank will go the way of Lehman Brothers.

Currently, Deutsche Banks' big problem is the flat yield curve in Europe with negative rates, this is a retail bank's worst nightmare.

Unfortunately for Deutsche, the only real bright spot was their bond trading desk, most likely because they were long bonds to hedge the further damage done by interest rates going further negative.

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There are so many variables to the Deutsche Bank story. Will they go bust? Will they get bailed out? The only thing we can do is understand what's going on so we can be as prepared as possible for any outcome.

Most people are very familiar with Deutsche Banks' issues with their derivatives but very few have explored the deeper issues with the hugely systemic megabank.

That's where this video takes it to the next level AND explains it in 3 fast simple steps everyone can understand!!

In this Deutsche Bank video I discuss the following:

  • The structural unprofitability of Deutsche Bank.
  • JP Morgan vs. Deutsche Bank.
  • Can anything save Deutsche Bank?

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