Coronavirus Nightmare: Its Impact on the Economy & on the Price of Gold Explained

Coronavirus could devastate the global economy. 👉ARE YOU PREPARED?👈

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Coronavirus devastates economy

Not just prepared for a downturn but a possible coronavirus pandemic type downturn where inflation AND deflation hit the economy at the same time!!

What will happen with the price of gold?

You would think that with all the fear in the market over the coronavirus, and the collapse in the stock market last week, the price of gold would soar.

But instead, it dropped, severely. It's back up now but what happened? Why did gold do the opposite of what it's supposed to? Has this ever happened before?

I give you some insights, that I promise, you've never heard before. Also, the coronavirus is presenting a problem that I don't think the US has ever seen.

The US could see a demand shock and a supply shock happening at the same time!

This is the biggest economic coronavirus news that NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT!!

If you're interested in the future of the economy then this is a MUST WATCH VIDEO!

In this coronavirus economic impact and gold price video, I discuss the following:

  1. How the coronavirus has and will create huge supply shocks. 
  2. How the coronavirus will create huge demand shocks.
  3. What's in store for the price of gold?

This will blow your mind!!

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