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This CPI Consumer Price Index Tax Scam Will Make Your Blood Boil!

Most of us know that already but what you don't know is how the new tax plan uses a new, even more phony, CPI measurement to steal your hard-earned money.

This CPI tax scam is one of the biggest scams I've ever seen and NO ONE'S TALKING ABOUT IT!

It's shocking the rigged CPI incorporated into the new tax plan isn't getting media attention?

What will really make your blood boil is the CPI Consumer Price Index is not only used to dupe you into unknowingly pay more taxes but it's all so used to pay you less social security!!

It's insane. And you're only going to hear about this CPI Consumer Price Index scam right here on!

If you're a taxpayer, collecting social security, or will collect social security in the future, THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO!!

In previous CPI videos I've briefly mentioned this CPI tax scam, but in this video, we take a deep dive into the crucially important topic.

And don't think because you don't make a lot of money this doesn't affect you. I'm sorry to say it does.

In fact, it affects the poor and middle class far more than it affects the rich.

The government knows their broke

The only way to remain afloat is to rig the CPI and now the CPI used in the tax brackets to pay you less and make you pay more!

This manipulation of the real tax brackets through a new, totally fake CPI measurement of inflation is what the government is now stooping to in a desperate attempt to take more of your money.

This CPI scam is a critical issue that YOU NEED TO KNOW! In this CPI, Consumer Price Index, the video I'll reveal:

1. Basics of the tax brackets to lay the foundation of the video.

2. The specifics of the CPI tax scam, straight from the Fed's own website.

3. How the CPI scam affects you in the real world.


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All Americans, rich or poor need to have this information and understand what the government is trying to do to them behind their back.

The media won't report this so we've got to make sure THE TRUTH IS HEARD! For more content that'll help you build wealth and thrive in a world of out of control central banks and big governments check out the videos below!!