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Devil’s In The Details And Gringo’s Can’t Dance: Real Estate Investing Vlog #5

Real Estate

This behind the scenes of my daily life.

I'm a real estate investor in Medellin, Colombia. Remember the art apartment? well, on this video, I go back there to see the progress my workers have made.

As an investor, I can’t pause the current remodeling processes of my properties at any minute, I need to be on top of the workers to keep them focused enough to avoid any mistakes, and at the same time, I must keep looking for new businesses.

Therefore, I can't stand still while others work, this is the reason why I need to look constantly for new business, opportunities, and with my trusty assistant, I get to search efficiently for new properties to invest in.

On the other hand, the gold apartment (my main project at the moment) is a complete disaster. It’s impossible to deny that, in the world of remodeling, things are not always going to go perfectly, but in my years of experience, I’ve learned what’s the best way to solve every problem.

Get very excited in this part, because now you will get to see my newest purchase: the platinum apartment.

From the moment I walked through this place, I knew the big opportunity I had in front of me, in this video I’ll show you why.

And last but not least, as a businessman, I must always seek to clear my mind and relieve the biggest amount of stress I can. This time, I decided to take salsa lessons and show Colombians that gringos can dance.

You have to see the result!