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Dr Patrick Gentempo (End Game Docu Series, Your Financial Survival Strategy, Civil Unrest, Plan B)

Rebel Capitalist Show

More highlights with Dr. Patrick Gentempo:

  • COVID-19: What are the threats of COVID-19? Will it affect the way everyone lives in the long run?
  • Food and Water Supply: Why are these important? What are the adverse effects brought by a lack of food and water supply?
  • Is one week's supply of food and water enough during a crisis? Or, during civil unrest under the COVID-19 crisis?
  • End Game Docu-Series: How to access? Can everyone watch it? What can you learn inside?
  • 80/20 Rule: 20% for taking action, 80% for the benefit of learning.
  • The Importance of Having a Plan B
  • Texas Power Grid: What did people do after the power outage? Are they prepared?
  • The Importance of Preparation During a Crisis
  • What to do inside a rabbit hole? Are you prepared? Do you need to be scared of your own shadow?
  • How to get prepared? How to be less stressed during unprepared situations?