Investing Portfolio's Strategies That Work For Both Beginner and Advanced Investors

Macro analyst and investor, Lyn Alden, provides you access to her investing portfolios. They are available inside the Rebel Capitalist Pro forum.

It's literally the easiest way to build an intelligent portfolio for yourself. You get access to many well-organized and thought-out stock picks, which are diversified into sectors poised to dominate the next 3-5 years.

If you follow Lyn Alden, then you know how brilliant she is. It's rare to have someone this talented assisting you the way she does.

This quick article explains each portfolio, and how they can serve you as an investor. Then at the end, we'll show you how to access these portfolios for $1, so you can build your own using the stock picks provided by Lyn.

Whether you are brand new to investing and looking for an intelligent way to expose yourself to the stock market, or you are a seasoned pro looking for low-hanging fruit, Lyn Alden's portfolio allocations will serve you.

All of Lyn's portfolios contain similar themes. Lyn recommends using them for inspiration, but maybe don't copy stock pick for stock pick.

Lyn Alden's Newsletter Portfolio

The Lyn Alden Newsletter Portfolio is the first portfolio she constructed for Rebel Capitalist Pro members.

It's a generalist portfolio with a large number of positions. For this portfolio, Lyn leverages a stock trading platform called M1 Finance. Lyn likes M1 because they make it easy to express this portfolio in easy-to-understand ways, with things like pie charts.

M1 Finance also allows you to invest in a large number of positions even with a smaller investing budget, so people can get the exposure they need.

M1 Finance also allows Lyn to share her entire portfolio using a single web link. This is great because you don't have to build it yourself. Lyn gives you the link inside Rebel Capitalist Pro, and it's built out for you inside M1 Finance.

Rebel Capitalist Pro Members get access to 3 different versions of Lyn's M1 Finance portfolios.

Fortress Income Portfolio

Lyn's Fortress Income Portfolio is similar to her larger newsletter portfolio except it has fewer positions and it tends to be more dividend-focused. So if you are looking for more stocks that pay to own them, then this would be the portfolio to check out.

The Fortress Income Portfolio is simpler, more defensive, and more income-focused.

The ETF Only Portfolio

This portfolio contains only ETFs. Around a dozen or so at any given time. It's a simple portfolio but still contains the same asset classes and Lyn's other portfolios.

Interactive Brokers Portfolio

Lyn wanted a portfolio that wasn't married to M1 Finance. Despite how great M1 Finance is, it does have its limitations.

For example, you can't buy OTC stocks or trade options on M1 Finance.

The Interactive Brokers portfolio shares the same common theme as her other portfolios except now you get access to more jurisdictional diversification and you can invest in quality picks that might not be available on M1 Finance.

The bulk of this portfolio contains ETFs. She then sprinkles in a number of high conviction individual stocks to balance it out. Especially in commodities where she likes to hand-pick companies.

Commodities are typically capital intensive and it pays to be very selective here.

Lyn's Legacy Portfolios

These are portfolios that Lyn has managed for a long time. She still allocates capital to them, and she still maintains them. She doesn't consider these to be model portfolios but includes them anyway so you can see what she is up to.

How Many Positions Should A Buy And Hold Investor Take?

According to Lyn, this answer really depends on the individual and what platform they intend on using.

Lyn points out in the above video, that if you decide to use M1 finance then it's easier to manage a larger portfolio since most of it is done for you.

What's great about M1, is that your funds are automatically distributed across your portfolio based on how you configured it.

There's no need to manually allocate funds to each pick based on how it's performing. It's automated.

How To Get Access To Lyn Alden's Stock Picks

Getting access to Lyn's best stock picks are easy. Just become a Rebel Capitalist Pro member. For less than $100/mo you get access to Lyn Alden, George Gammon, and Chris MacIntosh.

Both Lyn and Chris deliver premium macro research weekly and biweekly. You can also join them on live Q&As multiple times per month. George answers member questions every Sunday after his public live streams.

Rebel Capitalist Pro is a rare environment for building wealth while growing as an investor. Our membership contains new investors and accredited investors. There's always something for everybody inside Rebel Capitalist Pro.

Try Rebel Capitalist Pro for 7-days for only $1. If you don't like Pro, then self-cancel before your official membership starts, and you will not be billed the full amount of $97.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain and best of all, you have no excuses.

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