YOUR Investing Blueprint For Inflation, Deflation, Or Recession

👉 DISCOVER HOW TO INVEST 👈 for inflation, deflation, and a recession!

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Before Chris Cole’s construction of the mysterious “Dragon Portfolio”, investing for time’s of US dollar strength and weakness seemed to be impossible to achieve simultaneously.

Especially if you don’t know if the economy is headed for inflation or deflation, in order to plan better investing.

But now you can figure out how to invest in inflation, deflation, and a recession.

What’s even better, this strategy will do well even in an economic collapse!

Right now capital preservation is more important than capital appreciation because the current economic environment is so dangerous.

Typically Investing for an economic collapse was to buy gold, but the dragon portfolio takes it a step further.

We would explore ways to invest in the most challenging part of the dragon portfolio, finding a way to go long volatility.

I know you’re interested in deflation, inflation, US dollar collapse, gold, bitcoin, or the future of the economy, THIS IS FOR YOU!.

In this “How To Invest” for inflation, deflation, or a recession video I’ll discuss:

1. Recap of Dragon Portfolio.

2. The difference between an inflationary deleveraging and a deflationary deleveraging.

3. Outside the box ideas for long volatility.

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