Here are some highlights from this Q&A :

  • Recommendations for having an emergency fund: Why is it good to have 10% of your investable assets in gold? Is it a good hedge?
  • How dependent are asset markets now on federal stimulus check or UBI? What is the cheapest asset in cash and short-term treasuries? Why are there assets that are not denominated in cheap dollars?
  • Shorting Treasuries: Why is it bad? How do we fix the problem if the global Fiat Monetary System collapses?
  • Germany: How does this country recover from its hyperinflation? How did it start? Does the end game begin with a loss of trust?
    5. System Changing: What is it? Why can we have asset price deflation in an inflationary environment?
  • Big Bank Earnings in Quarter 1 of 2021 and Government Intervention in the economy: What is the correlation?
  • Current Commercial Banking System: Will the dollar increase or decrease?
  • Fed's Semantic Games: Is it a problem? Or, is it their tool?
  • Unfunded Liabilities: Are they in the form of nominal currency or the form of services?
  • Does a move to command economy crashes us just as severely as higher interest rates? Will it decrease our standard of living?
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