Eric Peters (Freedom Movement, Big Government And Cars, WEF Plan To Control Your Car, And HellCats!)

To those who might be not fully enthusiastic about cars like Eric and I definitely watch this video because we’re going to go over some stuff that’s really going to open your eyes on to how intrusive government is in not just to car business but it’s going to help you realize how intrusive they are in our lives. Click the link below and know why Eric Peters said this statement. “Government takes away choices from us, it imposes costs on us, and then it tries to convince us that it’s doing us a favor. It’s kind of like the guy who breaks your leg and then hands you a crutch and says thank you very much and by the way here’s a bill for 300 bucks for the crutch.”

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Eric Peters – the libertarian car guy
  • Regulations that car companies have to abide by.
  • Diesel vs. Gas
  • The future of the car industry
  • Pros and Cons of Safety Security features in modern vehicles
  • Freedom Movement
  • Modern Vehicle: Data Privacy Issues
  • Top Cars to buy by Eric Peters
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