Mark Moss (Freedom Via Decentralization, Bitcoin End Game, Profit From Historic Cycles)

“I’ve been asked many times by younger people and what’s this you know rules for success and how do you find balance? I believe that life is about loving out of balance. You seek balance but you’re out of balance at different times. Right now I am optimizing for tax efficiency, I’m out of balance with my liberty but I’m going to make more money, and that more money is going to give me more options, and then I’ll take that more money, that more option and then I’ll go optimize for more freedom. So I’m out of balance but I’m seeking balance at the same time.” - Mark Moss

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Understanding Three Types of Cycles; Pendulum, Fourth Turning, and Technological Revolution
  • The future of Bitcoin
  • Freedom via Decentralization
  • Gresham’s Law
  • Dollar’s current status
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