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Eric Siu Interview on Digital Entrepreneurship & MORE – RCS Ep. 103

Rebel Capitalist Show

Eric Siu Interview

Digital Entrepreneurship, Financial Freedom, The Economic Red Pill Journey

It gives me a great deal of pleasure to interview for the first time on The Rebel Capitalist Show a good buddy of mine, Eric Siu!

Eric Siu Intro RCS
The Rebel Capitalist Show Ep. 103 with Digital Entrepreneur Eric Siu.

I was just hanging out with him in Puerto Rico when we were checking out the area for Act 20 and 22. For those of you who might not know, Eric Siu is a rockstar Digital Entrepreneur.

We started our conversation with the backstory of Eric.

George Interviews Eric Siu
George starts the conversation by asking Eric about his backstory.

Coming out of college, the parents of Eric expected him to get a good job, become a lawyer or a doctor. It's basically a template for most Asian families.

According to Eric, school is not really for him but he was still able to finesse his way to a pretty good school in California at UC San Diego. He graduated during the Global Financial Crisis way back in 2008.

Eric Siu Talking
Eric Siu talks about his experience graduating during the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.

One of his friends told him to check this Digital Marketing thing. To make the long story short, he picked up the internship and never really looked back.

Within two years, he was already leading the marketing at a startup.

Eric Siu is the Founder of Clickflow and Single Grain. He is also an Investor and a Podcaster.

You can check out the works of Eric at and get the first chapter of his upcoming book. You can also find him on YouTube.

George Gammon Closing The Conversation
Geroge Gammon asking Eric Siu where can people find him and his works online.

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If you're interested in Entrepreneurship, this video is for YOU!

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