Shocking Future of Oil prices! (Revealed)

What's going on with oil prices and what does the future look like? Click play to find out how high oil prices can go.

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What's The Future of Oil Prices Looking Like?

We are a society of consumers. And consumption cannot happen without ample production of the stuff we consume.

But, how can we produce ample stuff when the energy-dense oil we pull out of the ground is compromised?

Oil is simply the most energy-dense product available in mass quantities. Without it, our quality of life will be dramatically reduced. 

So when analyzing the future of oil prices you need to start with the premise that there has to be a buyer for oil or the standard of living for society as a whole will dramatically increase.

If you believe we'll choose to use oil, verse falling into a global depression that will last for decades then you must also believe the price of oil will (at some point) be higher than the cost to produce it.

And here's were it gets interesting, we all know oil will most likely be higher long term, but how much higher? $50, $100, $200 a barrel?

Those are the questions about the future of oil prices we explore in this video and much much more!

In these 3 simple steps I discuss the following:

1. What can we learn from past oil prices?

2. What are the past and current costs to produce oil?

3. What is the actual value of oil and what could cause oil prices in the future to rise?

We know you're interested in oil, commodities, gold, silver, and the future of the economy THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU!

Also to continue on your commodities journey, check out this Jim Rogers interview.

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