Eric Siu (How To Start Or Level Up Your Location Independent Biz To Maximize Freedom!)

Rebel Capitalist Show

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Eric Siu's book in titled: Level Up – How to Master the Game of Life
  • How did Eric Siu start an Independent Business?
  • Where did he (Eric Siu) learn marketing?
  • How did playing video games help him (Eric Siu) on the marketing side?
  • What is an Ikigai Concept?
  • Why do some of Eric Siu's businesses fail?
  • How does he (Eric Siu) make himself get out of the couch and take action when his concern is that he's not ready yet?
  • What is Eric Siu's Game plan / End Objective?
  • Player Character vs. Non-player Character/ Static Characters
  • Apprentice Mentality “Beginner's Mind”
  • Power-Ups: Habits and Mental Models
  • Eric Siu explains the meaning of “Playing The Game of Life”.