Everyone is Getting Money Printing Wrong


The Average Joe doesn’t understand the intricacies of the present monetary system. And that’s not a coincidence.

The powers that be would like people to remain ignorant about their misdeeds. A population that can think for itself and question the overarching narratives that the corporate press and its political allies put forward is one that’s capable of toppling an entire system.

That’s why the ruling class loves dangling shiny objects in front of people — in the form of outrage politics, hate crime hoaxes, or wars abroad — to keep them distracted. It’s the ultimate misdirection used to draw attention from the ruling class’ corrupt action.

When people are wasting their energy arguing about trivial matters, the rulers can operate in the shadows and fleece the population with absolute impunity. 

That’s why it’s so important for independent voices to rise up and challenge the corporate press’s narrative. The reason why the Federal Reserve and other legacy institutions have been able to get away with their criminal behavior is largely due to the lack of media institutions that expose them.

That is coming to an end, however. As long as the Rebel Capitalist community exists, you can count on us to expose the ruling class and make the case for free society based on sound money, free markets, and voluntary association. It’s the least we can do in this Clown World we live in.