The world is in a chaotic moment right now. 

Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine on February 24 has geopolitical, economic, and military pundits speculating about what comes next.

There’s lots of talk about military aid being sent to Ukraine, NATO forces ready to intervene, and even nuclear escalation on the table. Very scary stuff. 

On the economic front, there’s growing speculation of Russia being completely cut off from the Western financial system as well, which could escalate things not only militarily but also with regards to the status of the dollar as the world’s sole reserve currency. In the short-term, energy markets could be completely thrown out of whack as Russia threatens to cut off natural gas to the West and the US. This could create massive inflationary pressures across the Western world.

All around, this entire situation is incredibly unstable. We may be on the cusp of seeing a total re-sort of the current international order. What lies next is anyone’s guess. But one thing is certain: The transition to the new order will be brutal.

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Bob Stuart
Bob Stuart
1 year ago

George, I love that instead of sitting on a beach somewhere in retirement, you’re using your valuable time to help enrich the education of those who’ll listen. Greetings from Queensland Australia. You are our John Galt!

1 year ago

 “Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain.” (Putin) “His beliefs about the tight bonds between Russia and Ukraine notwithstanding, trying to take back all of Ukraine would be like trying to swallow a porcupine.” Quotes from John Mearsheimer’s recent article in the Economist. There has been a huge amount of water under the bridge since this interview so I hope that Jim has done more research on the history of this conflict. What is his reference for saying that Putin and the “Russian people” “seem” to want the old Soviet… Read more »