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Everything You’ve Been Told About Money Creation Is WRONG!


Jeff Snider shocks even ME!

And if you think it's just with debt or fractional reserve banking you're wrong! Jeff Snider is a banking expert, the repo market, and the eurodollar system.

In this whiteboard video (This is Part 1 of a Jeff Snider whiteboard series I'm calling “Fragility”) I explain in simple and fast terms Jeff Snider's years of research and market analysis.

The reason it's crucial to understand how money is created and how the banking system really works (textbooks and Youtube vids are wrong) is that it affects every aspect of the global economy.

Rebel Capitalist Pro

Without an in-depth knowledge of how money is created it's impossible to determine the probabilities of inflation, deflation, or the next financial collapse.

If you're interested in the future of the economy THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU!

In this Jeff Snider whiteboard video, I discuss the following:

  1. How most people understand money creation.
  2. How money creation works today in practice.
  3. Basics of the eurodollar system.