Fastest Stock Market Crash In History: Is This The End Game?

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Are we now in the “end game?”

This has been the fastest stock market crash, as measured by a 10% decline from a market high, in history.

This was the worst week since 2008 global financial crisis. As we all know, the system now is much more levered and precarious.

So what happens now? Does the stock market crash further? Is this the next 2008 style financial crisis?

Will this lead to a recession or even a depression? These are the questions everyone has, and they're the questions I've been asking myself.

In this video I'll do my best to outline the systemic risks in the current system, why the federal reserve doesn't have as much control as people think, and why this may be the black swan event people have been expecting.

If you're interested in the future of the economy THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO!

In this stock market crash end game video I'll discuss the following:

  1. The current systemic risks.
  2. Jeff Snider's work showing the Fed isn't in control.
  3. Is this the end game?

I give you my opinion and what is the deciding factor for me.