Jeff Snider Talks Eurodollars

This interview with Jeff Snider is so packed with knowledge bombs we had to turn it into 2 parts!

This is PART 2 of 2, and trust me, it will blow your mind! Click on Jeff's name above, for part 1.

As always, The Rebel Capitalist show helps YOU learn more about Macro, Investing, Entrepreneurship, AND Personal Freedom.

Jeff and I discuss how money is actually created and how the US dollars (Eurodollars) have been created, outside the US, for decades! We had some technical difficulty with both parts, but the content is so incredible it'll still easily be one of YOUR FAVORITE episodes.

If you're interested in investing, personal freedom, and the future of the economy this is a MUST WATCH video!

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3 years ago

This may be the single most mind blowing jewel that I have found to date. So many non-functional assumptions have been dispelled by this interview that I am gonna repeat it until I have mastery. Thank you both!