Future of Gold: An Interview With Gold Expert Rick Rule – RCS Ep. 86

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It gives me a great deal of pleasure to welcome someone back to The Rebel Capitalist Show! He is one of my favorites when I started with this Macro journey back in 2012. And is surely an Expert when it comes to Gold.

He was someone that I always wanted to interview. It was really Jim Rogers, Rick Rule, and Doug Casey. This is a dream come true for me!

Rick Rule and Precious Metals

In this episode, Rick Rule reveals EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about precious metals, inflation, treasuries, and much much more!

All of that on the 86th episode of The Rebel Capitalist Show! The Show that helps YOU learn more about Macro, Investing, Entrepreneurship, AND Personal Freedom.

Rick Rule is the President and CEO of Sprott US Holdings Inc. Most of YOU know his back story, so we will dive straight into the questions. So here we go.

One question I get all the time is if you can't buy Physical Gold right now, what's the best thing to do?

And I'm in that situation. I've been traveling all over. Trying to find the most freedom in the world which is hard to do right now. So I can't take delivery of physical.

It's just not convenient for me.

And I've been referring to people Sprott's product, the PHYS. I ask Rick Rule to tell us MORE about this product, how does it work, and how does it compare to GLD and physical.

Rick started by saying he is a large owner of the product. Using an analogy, he said that they eat their own cooking. First, because it's the right thing to do and second, it really tastes good.

The Sprott Physical Precious Metals Trusts have four components. Namely, they are Physical Gold, Physical Silver, Physical Platinum, and Physical Palladium.

Watch the complete interview above for MORE.

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