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Rebel Capitalist Q&A August 23, 2020


We had another fantastic Live Q&A today! We're seeing an uptick in questions related to macro, investing, real estate, and even personal freedom, which is absolutely great.

You really need to stay ahead of what is going on out there!

If you have a question that you'd like George to ask directly, then tune into the Live Q&A every Sunday at 12 pm EST on the George Gammon youtube channel.

If you are strapped for time, then click PLAY on the video above, and fast forward to the question you are interested in using the timestamps we provided below.

Macro Questions

  1. [22min38sec] We are 60 days away from elections. What did history teach us for the stock market and volatility ahead of an election and how to play it?
  2. [46min23sec] Do you think politicians in DC understand how reliant the US economy is on continued stimulus? Or is there a lack of motivation to pass another stimulus because they think recovery is assured?
  3. [56min44sec] George, where is your “End The Fed” hat? How do we end the Fed?

Investing Questions

  1. [3min00sec] Passive Investing Bubble: in the event causing a wave of outflows, what is stopping the FED from colluding with fund managers and force them to offset?
  2. [32min08sec] George, do you think it's a good idea to hold paper gold/silver in a Roth IRA if you have one? It seems it would alleviate the cap gains tax on nominal gains issue you have talked about.
  3. [36min24sec] What is the best way to invest in foreign currencies? Or recommended ETF? Is it best to buy in that denominations and not in USD?
  4. [1hr00min47sec] Would you recommend junior mining gold companies vs big-cap mining stocks? I think they haven't quite caught up to golds price increase yet and there is some potential for big movement upward.

Real Estate Questions

  1. [8min06sec] What kind of RV ratios are you currently finding in Medellin? Can you rent these as long-term or just short-term? What size is the best to buy as an investment? How much can you expect to pay?
  2. [16min20sec] Shorting the dollar by taking a 30 yr low-interest mortgage. Do you see a risk of getting screwed by the lenders in a force majeure scenario where they could get your contract annulled?
  3. [45min31sec] Given Rick Rule's recent endorsement of farmland, what are your thoughts on two agricultural REITS – LAND (US) and CRESY (Argentina)?
  4. [53min40sec] What are your thoughts on investing in condos for rental income? How do you make sure the HOA fees don't go overboard?
  5. [57min16sec] Should I invest money in real estate to hedge my bet against inflation or wait for a potential Crash?
  6. [1hr01min52sec] What kind of creative Financing have you used to buy real estate?

Personal Freedom Questions

  1. [6min45sec] I am about to invest in Biotechnologies. Would you support my theory?
  2. [18min02sec] Is there any safe place to put wealth besides precious metals and cryptocurrency right now?
  3. [30min01sec] I can take $160k out of my primary residence @ 2.99 30 yr fixed. After that, my loan will be $500k of a $1m value. What do you recommend to do with funds?
  4. [41min04sec] I am 40% in gold stocks and miners. Should I be worried about a deflationary bust?
  5. [58min53sec] What financing is available to a first time homeowner look looking into an REO for multiplex live and rent system? I'm 26 years old, no debt, already own equities, treasuries, and crypto.

Miscellaneous Questions

  1. [19min57sec] What are your thoughts on having some money in euro/yen/yuan/franc/pound (either as currency trusts on an exchange or the real thing)? I know you largely support holding cash in rolling 3m Ts.
  2. [35min28sec] George, can you please tell me the ticker symbol on the coal stock that you told Rick Rule about? And the company name?
  3. [44min49sec] When was the last time in history it happened like everyone knew something ominous would've come and it came? If that has happened ever when was that?
  4. [55min55sec] What are your thoughts on the new FOMC member Judy Shelton?
  5. [56min26sec] What's the best place to find a girlfriend in Medellin?

If you have a question that you'd like George to ask directly, then tune into the:
Live Q&A every Sunday at 12 pm EST on the George Gammon youtube channel.